Jihye + Patrick’s Wedding Trailer

A scattering of clouds welcomed us to the stunning Drumtochty on the Tuesday, a day before Jihye and Patrick were due to marry and we took this opportunity to meet all the family for the rehearsal BBQ which was delightful. The setting was perfect a beautiful castle in the middle of the Aberdeenshire countryside a true Scottish location for the guests who had came over from Korea, the US and many more places.

With both the couple being Jazz musicians it was inevitable that their would be music involved and with a shining white grand piano in the corner how could anyone resist. Music spilled from the many of the talented guests, not just on Tuesday but of course the wedding day as well.

Guests made their way down the drive to a quaint little church on the castle grounds. It was here that the marriage would unite our couple. Candles lined the windows adding to the flare of romance, accompany that flare with sounds of the harp you could really feel the excitement as Jihye took to the aisle. Everything was perfect!

Drinks and canapés were enjoyed as all mingled and shared stories about how they knew the couple, stories much like those heard at the speeches which were held in the dining room, a large beautifully styled room filled with even more flowers and photographs.

Jihye and Patrick graced the dance floor entertaining our crowd with an elegant and stylish first dance before the ceilidh got underway led by Patricks old band. There were some experienced dancers and some inexperienced just as a ceilidh should be and though we couldn’t stay for the whole night we’re sure the party went on for hours after we left.

It was an honour to be involved in your beautiful celebrations Jihye and Patrick we wish you all the best for a happy life together.

Venue – Drumtochty Castle
Photographer – Croft and Kowalczyk
Band – Shindig
Sweetie Table/ Styling – A Vintage Tea Party

Simon & Gregg