14 Drunk People at Weddings

Hello there! So a rare occasion happened for me (Simon) over the weekend. A wedding… As a guest! And I had so much fun 🙂 In between drinking, dancing, chatting and eating I was reminded of a video I had seen on one of my favourite youtube channels ‘Poptrigger’ over on the TYT network. There they had covered the topic ‘drunk people you’ll find at a wedding’ It’s a great little video which I thought you guys would enjoy.

Just for fun i thought i’d tell you a few of the numbers I have been or am. Not all at weddings I must add…I’m a good boy when i’m in my kilt!

1 – When I’m having a good night.
4 – Yes, in a club. Yes, I am ashamed!
6 – A walk home gone wrong!
9 – I come in and out of this number but it always follows number 1.
11 – When I was younger. I’ve moved on since then.
14 – I am and will be for the foreseeable future number 14. And it’s so true by the way. I don’t care, I’ve deserved it LOL

As for Gregg, he tends to go through a change as the night goes on, starting as No.1 then a switch gets flicked and ‘Drunk Gregg’ appears, he’s a little like No.9 with some wandering added in!


Simon & Gregg