Top 5 albums of the year!

We ask our couples to list their top 5 songs or artists of all time to help us find the right music for their film. We know how cruel this is because we would really struggle to name just 5 so we thought it only fair that we try as well but we’re gonna do it for this year. Here’s our top 5 albums of 2013.

Lets start with Simon!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist
A shared favourite of ours! We’ve listened to this album hundreds of times. Nearly every wedding we travelled to we would throw this in the player as blast every single track loud! It’s such an unusual occurrence when there isn’t one bad track on an album and “The Heist” is one of those rare occurrences. It’s raw and bold and I love love love it!

Minor Alps – Get There
My favourite band of all time is Nada Surf so when i heard there was going to be a release from Matthew Caws (Nada Surf lead singer) & Juliana Hatfield couldn’t wait to get my ears to it and it hasn’t let me down! Such a good album. Raw, emotional and thoughtful.

Lorde – Pure heroine
This girl is a sixteen year old for a start! What a stunning album featuring insightful lyrical ponderings backed by electro gorgeousness.. This is the perfect pop album!

GroupLove – Spreading Rumours
In the UK “Spreading Rumours” still hasn’t been released for some reason however you can get this album by other means and I would recommend you do. A follow on album from another CineMate favourite “Never Trust a Happy song”, “Spreading Rumours” is the perfect mix of Catchy and joyous!

Queens Of the Stone Ages – … Like Clockwork
I hadn’t been interested in QOTSA since “Songs For The Deaf” which was such a great album. But when Gregg introduced me to … Like Clockwork I was like meh! I know MEH!!!???  It actually took a few listens to for me to like this album, which isn’t a bad things of course but when I did it was another constant in the CineMate van 🙂

Bonus – Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse
This is my bonus because Gregg wrote his list first and we tried our best to get different artists but this small (Not so small now) Selkirk band has done it again with what I think is there best album yet. I’ve loved all of their albums but even though this maybe their first album on a major label they seem to have perfected the balance between the upbeat and deprecation. Beautiful!


And Gregg!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist
Looks like this is a clear winner at CineMate. Lost count of how many times we’ve listened to it in the van on the way to weddings and still not tired of it.

Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse
Not quite as good as Midnight Organ Fight but FR can’t do bad albums. And they’ve really stepped it up a level this year live!

Chvrches – The Bones of What You Believe
Chvrches exploded onto the scene this year taking the US and UK by storm with their mesmerising synth-pop anthems.

Blood Relatives – Deerheart
I’ve been listening to Anna Meldrum and her band for years, now as Blood Relatives they’ve finally released an album. It might be short but doesn’t disappoint.

There Will Be Fireworks – The Dark, Dark Bright
Nearly five years since their first album TWBF took their time with this one, it only came out last Monday but its already in my top 5!!

Bonus – The Postal Service – Give Up (10th Anniversary Edition)
Give Up was one of my favourite albums through my late teens, it was re-released to celebrate its 10th anniversary and I got the sweet double vinyl version.


What do you think, have we missed any gems that you would put in your top 5? let us know in the comments below.

Simon & Gregg