A Lovely Letter from Meghan

So the other day I’m cooking dinner for the family, a quick but tasty pasta ragu dish when my phone buzzes. What a coincidence, it’s Meghan from our most recent Italian wedding. She had taken the time to fill out a few questions we like to ask our couples so that we can improve our service. At the end of this questionnaire we give space for a testimonial and I couldn’t have been more thrilled by what Meghan had written. ¬†Below are her words…

“When planning a wedding there are a thousand decisions you have to make – some big and some small. Whether to hire a videographer – and which one – is often one that couples face. We were faced with who to hire for our three day wedding in Italy. Well, asking Simon and Gregg to travel from Glasgow to film our wedding turned out to be the best decision (of thousands!) we made throughout the 18 months we spent planning. With all the guests gone, my dress packed away, and the celebrating done, the beautiful videos are what we treasure. To see people laughing, the speeches being given, the first dance being danced, and 360 degree views of the beautiful Tuscan countryside- all edited flawlessly – is just magical and it helps us to remember tiny details and moments we would have forgotten otherwise. We have watched our videos over and over and over -sometimes laughing and sometimes crying (happy tears), but always incredibly grateful that we have every bit of film. Thank you Simon and Gregg!”

– Meghan Fay

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