Christmas Movie Time Yay!


We’re feeling festive today! The count down to christmas is on and with only one wedding left to shoot before the best meal of the year we can’t wait. Mmmmmmm Delicious turkey, stuffing, pigs in blankets, cranberry and bread sauce, roasted parsnips……..I’m so hungry.

Gathering the family in front of the flatscreen with some christmasy films is certain a favourite pastime of ours. With that in mind we want to ask you what christmas movie you will choose to watch first or like us have already watched?

As Simon is in between moving homes and is living with his Mother in Law they had a lovely night decorating the house and tree before rested together with nibbles in front of  a classic, A Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

Gregg may have put the tree up last Saturday however it was on the Sunday, after christmas shopping in the big Glasgow did they all sit down in front of the fire place to watch Bill Murray’s Scrooged.

To be fair they are both classic christmas movies… and both on Netflix haha!

We’ve got a few hours to kill in Amsterdam airport on our way to the next wedding so need some recommendations. What would you suggest?

In the mean time how cute is this little christmasy video?

Let us know your go to christmas movie in the comments below.

Simon & Gregg