Faezeh + Tamer’s Wedding Trailer

It was off to London excited to film our first Persian wedding. On Friday after a morning run around Chelsea we hopped on the underground and headed to the Mandarin Oriental at Hyde Park to meet Fifi and Tamer, who were totally chilled and took their time to show us around the venue and talk us through the wedding. After our meet and greet with our lovely couple we had the opportunity to hit up some famous landmarks around the city.

At six the Sofreh-ye Aghd began. The couple sat behind a small table adorned with an assortment of food and symbolic decorations. All held importance however a silver mirror stood centred, it was this mirror that reflected the couples future together a future we are sure will be filled with much love and happiness. As the guests gathered, Fifi’s Uncle who was officiating the ceremony took the microphone and began the proceedings. We loved the relaxed atmosphere through out the ceremony and especially the humour as well. It’s tradition for the bride to make the groom wait when asked if she wishes to enter into the marriage, this is followed by some heckling from the guests and only after the third time of asking does she say yes and they we’re married! As a final gesture to symbolise sweetness and love Fifi and Tamer dipped their fingers into and exchanged honey.

Music, clapping and congratulations began, immediately followed by a showering of gifts. Champagne and canapés were served accompanied with the wow factor of dry ice in typical Heston Blumenthal style. Mingling continued through to the dining room where the band were already playing. Our couple made their entrance and were surrounded on the dance floor to kick off the night. Dancing only settled intermittently by speeches including anecdotal tales from Fifi’s friend and sister or by each course.

Fifi & Tamer, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and being introduced to the cultures of a persian celebration. We wish you a long and happy future together as husband and wife.

Trailer from Faezeh + Tamer’s Short Wedding Film Package.

Venue – Mandarin Oriental London
Photographer – Peachey Photography

Simon & Gregg