Happy New Year!!!

We can still say that right?!!!

Hello friends, Hey!

We’re so sorry we haven’t seen you for a while. Ow my! Have you been going to the gym lately because you’re looking great! We hope you had a fabulous festive season wherever you happened to find yourselves. Our batteries are fully charged (Bad pun lolz) and we’re on fire over at the CineMate’s office. Obviously editing everyday but we’ve got a few exciting things we’re also working on from searching for funding for a very big (but very small) secret project to prepping for the newest GWC wedding fair!!! That’s right we’re going to be at the Glasgow Wedding Collective fair this Feb and if you’re in the area then you have to come. It will be amazing!!!!


Yip! Free entry to one of the best wedding fairs in Scotland…(whispering) psst! And probably the UK what what! I said it!… No…. Wait… THE WORLD!!!!!!! BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMM

So yeah we’re in preparation mode for this GWC fair. I should say right now, we’re not going to be exhibiting at the fair, per se. We’ve been totally inspired by a few online videos recently. Have you ever seen a slow motion booth? We’ll it’s one the the coolest trends in the industry that we’ve seen for a while. Here take a look…

Cool right! Well we think so and we’re going to be setting one up to capture the excitement and energy the fairs about. Apart from shooting at the booth, we’ll be shooting the whole fair and generally having fun. So if you want to come say hi, come on over 🙂

For the fair set up well renting an extremely high quality camera which can shoot a ton of frames per sec but tonight we’re having some friends over to see what we can get using a small, cheaper set up so if it works we’ll post it up for you guys and girls to laugh at!!! Any way in the mean time it’s editing a hoe!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


Enjoy your life!!!

Simon & Gregg