Go Pro Slow Motion Booth FUN!!!

We’ve been totally inspired by a few online videos recently. Have you ever seen a slow motion booth? We’ll it’s one the the coolest trends in the industry that we’ve seen for a while. They are so much fun, full of energy and we love them! With this in mind we wanted to test out a slow motion booth in the office on as much of a budget as possible. We had soooooo much fun and created a brash, colourful and energetic video which you should check out!!!

We’d love to hear what you think about our first attempt at a slow motion booth. If this was an extra we offered, would you be and would you have been interested in it for your reception? Any negs, any pros, let us know 🙂

What we used:
– Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition. This camera shoots 100/120 fps depending on whether your shooting PAL or NTSC.
– 900 LED panel, 600 LED panel and a 1K Fresnel.
– White Wall/ Black muslim background
– TOYS!!! Silly string, NERF guns, wigs, glasses, confetti etc

If you’re trying out a slow motion booth yourself there are a few things we stumbled across that you might want to consider.
– If your using a Go Pro 3 you’ll be shooting at 720 (still HD) for those higher frame rates and make sure you narrow the field of view… Unless you’re wanting something a little crazy of course!
– We shot 120fps NTSC because we wanted as fast a frame rates possible however mains in the UK run at 50 Hz! You will get flicker if you use the wrong settings, so be careful. In the UK? Use 100fps PAL unless you can deal with the flicker.
– Lights lights lights!!! The more lights you’ll have the higher the shutter speed you’ll get out of the camera (as shutter speed is automatic) This makes for better/ smooth slow motion.
– We tested a white background and a black background but where’s the footage from the black you may be asking. Unless you set the colour temperature and could set the shutter speed (Which we forgot… Silly men!) When your using the black backdrop you will find the camera gets confused! Shutter dives, white balance changes with colour of clothes, and flicker is super noticeable so if you want to go black make sure you are using the correct settings in camera or you’ll get footage thats unusable.

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