The Art of Close-Ups


Happy Tuesday!!! So what you working on CineMate? We’ll I’m glad you asked friend. It’s amazing to think the Glasgow Film Festival is celebrating its’ tenth year this year but it’s also amazing to think that it has been ten years since a group of five young musicians came to Glasgow and formed into what is the orchestral indie band, Admiral Fallow!!!! Celebrating this shared anniversary, the band has programmed an evening of music and visuals.

In their first foray into this kind of cross-genre event, Admiral Fallow’s ‘Ten Takes’ features collaborations with emerging UK filmmakers, working to a call-and-response brief and writing new music to bespoke visual content created for the event. The group will then play an eclectic set from their back catalogue enhanced by live visuals that reference Glasgow’s rich filmic history, thematically commemorating this special anniversary. This unique one-off performance will contain both old and new material from the band.
” Super exciting!!!

Admiral Fallow’s performance takes place at The Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow on Saturday 1st March at 8pm. Tickets are £15/£12 and available from here.

It’s not every day a project comes our way which is too tasty to decline and when Admiral Fallow came by our office for us to put together a portion of their visual set up for their upcoming performance for the Glasgow Film Festival we jumped at the chance to work with them. The project? To abstractly show the telling of a wedding day…DUH! You might have guessed but we have tons of footage from weddings LOL. So there’s poor Gregg going through all of our drives looking for abstract shots from our weddings while I’m scripting ways in which abstract doesn’t becomes TOO abstract and allows for some narrative within the time we have.

We’ll on a lunch break I came across this little video.

It’s really just a little bit of fun for this Tuesdays Treat as it doesn’t really apply fully to what we’re working on however it is interesting to see how others can use close-Ups to tell what ever story they are wanting to tell.


Simon & Gregg