Wedding rings of an active lifestyle

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog or have been keeping an eye on our  Facebook or twitter then you’ll already know we’ve been adopting a slightly more active life style by taking up running! Well one thing Simon was noticing while running in the cold, wet Scottish weather was that his wedding band was starting to loosen and fall off! Never a good thing!!!

If this is a problem you also endure then we have the best solution.QALO.

qalo 2

“Q-uality A-thletics L-ove O-utdoors! QALO ring started out of pure frustration. After getting married we realized what a nuisance wearing our traditional wedding band was.  While we love our wives, and love being married, the reality was that our ring was getting in the way (literally) of our active lifestyle.  The married men we talked with shared the same frustrations. Every time we hit the gym, worked on the car, surfed, rock-climbed, you name it (insert sport of choice here________) our wedding band got in the way.  These are the stories we heard over and over: “I lost my ring.” “I put it in my locker and it was stolen.” “I dove in, and didn’t even realize it was gone.” “I gashed it on a rock, and the rock won.”  “Man, I don’t even play ball with my ring on!” After all of these stories we searched for a solution that would allow us to show our commitment of marriage, and wear a comfortable wedding band that could withstand our active lifestyle.”

Simon’s been wearing his QALO ring for weeks now and loves it! He chose the male black however there are a large selection of sizes and colours for you to chose. We would recommend them 🙂

Simon & Gregg