Alexa + Daniel’s Wedding Trailer

Over December we had the pleasure of spending a few days in Florence with Alexa and Daniel for a stunning Italian wedding. Getting to know Alexa and Dan, their families and friends, the majority of whom had journeyed over from America was an absolute pleasure.

The day we arrived we were free to explore the city. It was a wander full of beautiful discoveries
which ended at sunset at the Duomo. Here we were able to witness the dying light cascade over the city to rest behind the Italian hills.

On the Wednesday, after guests arrived and settled in at the stunning Villa Cora they gathered for a welcome dinner where live music accompanied spontaneous singing for any one willing. For those who hadn’t seen each other for sometime or even for those who were introducing themselves to new individuals it was the perfect time to do so, to socialise and relax even further.

The following morning saw groups head out on different organised tours. We decided to join the eating tour (no surprises there, Italian food!!!) led by local tour guides. On the tour we visited markets sampling meats and cheeses, a wine and gelateria (ice cream) stores. This was certainly a day of food and wine as with full belly’s we travelled back to the villa for the rehearsal dinner held in the the elegant dining hall, a hall beautifully illuminated by twinkling christmas lights making for a magical atmosphere.
Nearing the end of the night Lexie’s mum presented her with a special gift that she’d been keeping since the day her daughter was born, a hand written journal recording special moments in her life.

As the wedding day arrived the couple got ready separately accompanied by their bridesmaids and groomsmen with Dan making his way to the church to greet the guests and await his bride. Father William led a beautiful ceremony complete with very personal written vows by the couple. Now married the couple and their guests continued the celebrations around the corner at Palazzo Capponi a breathtaking room with amazing 16th century frescoes adorning the walls and ceiling. The night progressed with speeches, music and beautiful Italian food as any stunning Italian wedding should.

Planned for the morning after was a photography/ videography shoot with Alexa and Daniel back in the city centre. This was a time for them to don their wedding outfits again and take advantage of the Tuscan city. It was also this time that we got to hang out with Lexi and Dan between shots and found that we had so much in common from our love of music and games to fine whiskeys to name a few.

While walking the Ponte Vecchio we noticed locks clipped onto railings, gutters and anywhere else others could find. We were told couples go to the bridge and attach a lock to symbolise their never ending love for each other. We loved this gesture and even though it’s frowned upon we had Lexi and Dan do the same and leave a part of themselves in the city and country they made their vows in.

Lexi and Dan, you guys are amazing! Thank you so much for allowing us to celebrate with you, your family and friends. Just like our last night when we drank our Johnnie Walkers and wished you health, we make another toast to both of you.


Extended trailer from Alexa & Daniel’s Feature Wedding Film Package.

Wedding Planner – Italia Celebrations
Ceremony Venue – St Marks Church, Florence
Reception Venue – Palazzo Capponi Florence
Hotel – Villa Cora, Florence
Photographer – Francesco De Tito
Celebrant – Father William Lister

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