Cads About Matrimony

Looking for something different to play at your bachelorette or hen party? This could be just the thing for you, have you heard of Cards Agains Humanity well if not don’t worry its easy to play.

Anyway we recently noticed a Kickstarter campaign for a new game based on the same idea but specific to weddings! Here’s the video from Kickstarter to explain more.

Ailea describes how to play the game bellow:

“The game is simple to play: one person reads a question or fill-in-the-blank card aloud to a group of friends. Each player then gives an answer card that they think best responds. The reader picks the response they like best. The questions and clues are both a parody and a celebration of all our bizarre cultural hang-ups around weddings and marriage, and funny enough to make champagne squirt out your nose. You can learn more and see samples at the game’s website:”

Cads Example

If you back the project now and it hits its goal of raising $5,500 before the remaining 9 days are up then you could have the game as early as July.

What do you think would your friends like playing Cads About Matrimony?

Simon & Gregg

p.s. Why’s it called ‘Cads’ and not ‘Cards’?