GWC Style A/W 2014

Argh! Super exciting! I mean, we love making films for our couples but after that the most enjoyable aspect of our career is making new and hanging out with old friends… and everyone at the Glasgow Wedding Collective is our friend!

So we were invited along to the Lighthouse in our home town of Glasgow for this unique wedding styling event hosted none other by our friends at the GWC. We all know how much CineMate love a GWC knees up so when they said there was free booze, tasty food and some stylish peeps we were right there!

Arranged was a cool preview of what’s hot in the wedding industry at the moment and coming up in 2015. Specially selected guest bloggers from the Glasgow fashion scene were invited to chose from a selection of clothes and accessories to style a bride and allow them to put their unique twist and touch to the outfit and described the look they had styled to the guests.

Check out The Glasgow Wedding Collective’s site for more info on the event and all the suppliers involved 🙂

Simon & Gregg

Featured Bloggers: