Stag Do!

Do you worry about what your fiancé’s best man has planned for his stag do?

YOU SHOULD… when the guys are left alone they go crazy… ONLY JOKING hehe its probably not as wild as your thinking.

If you want to know what some guys really get up to when let out alone check out the awesome Rambo style stag do film below. Dana is a filmmaker for Gnarly Bay who produces epic and emotional stories so it was the obvious thing to do… make his stag do one big real life action movie where the groom is the hero!

Even in this, what could have been a silly throw away film, Gnarly bay have shown their storytelling skills off perfectly. It might be a long watch at 22 minutes but we encourage you to take the time to watch it and share it with your future husband especially if he likes action films. Be prepared though Rambo Day will have you laughing from start to finish but it might also pull on your heart strings too (or maybe that’s just me… I swear one day I’m gonna cry while filming someones speeches!) On that note I’m going to stop typing incase I admit anymore embarrassing truths lol.

What do you think, is this the stag do to end all stag do’s?