Nikhath + Jesse’s Wedding Trailer

The weekend of the 22nd June saw the union of two families with the marriage of Nikhath and Jesse, and what a union it was. Not only was the celebration held over two days but both the Muslim and Jewish cultures of both families were celebrated.

The muslim celebrations were held on the first day with the muslim Nikkah ceremony. Friends and family on both sides wore traditional Indian dress and enjoyed yummy biryani dishes in the evening. In the evening the party made their way to the Orangery lead by the grace of dhol drummers, stopping on the lawn for an impromptu dance! Of course the music was thumping as all night long as the drummers continued to play along with the DJ.

The Saturday saw the civil ceremony, firstly though Nikki’s aunt gathered the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen for a dance rehearsal as they would be performing later that night. There was also some secret rehearsals by the bride and groom for their own choreographed first dance which was to be accompanied with to a mash up of Lauryn Hill and Ra One. I have to say we were pretty impressed with how quickly everyone managed to learn it all! and how good it was

You can tell that with Nikhath and Jesse “home is were the heart lies” and their hearts lie with each other! Have an amazing life together guys!!!


Simon & Gregg