Something Brewed

As some of you probably aren’t familiar with the story of how CineMate came to be, let us cast your minds back to early 2010: we had just endured the worst winter in 30 years, Apple just launched the first iPad in San Francisco, and most importantly; Simon and his wife Lynsey were searching for an appropriate filmmaker for their wedding later that year.

Being a keen filmmaker himself, Simon had high standards when it came to wedding films, and had seen the quality being produced on the other side of the Atlantic- so when Simon was underwhelmed by his options, he and Gregg agreed it was time to take matters into their own hands. And so CineMate was born- with a single mission: to create beautiful, handcrafted wedding films here in Scotland!

coffee_front4We were reminded of this story just recently when our good friend and newly wed Gill (congratulations!!) told us about her latest venture entitled “Something Brewed“: a speciality coffee brew bar for weddings, inspired by the low standard of typical wedding coffee. Those of you who know us will know that we are coffee mad, specifically for Avenue coffee where Gill works! So as you can imagine we are particularly in favour of Something Brewed, especially if it means that our paths may cross at a future wedding (as guests of course!).


So if you’re planning a wedding and enjoy speciality coffee then drop Gill and her new husband Craig a note @ Something Brewed, or if you’re just looking for some locally roasted beans to sample then we would highly recommend an outing to Avenue on Great Western Road (we also highly recommend their food menu!).

Simon & Gregg

Oh and our friends at LoveLock filmed Gill and Craig’s wedding so look out for the trailer on their blog soon!