Q&A “Boys Toys”

Hello, good to see you again
Again let me to re-introduce myself for the people out there who are just tuning in. To those of you who are new, I’m Simon, one half of CineMate Films, one of Scotland’s premium wedding videography companies and I’m talking openly about “Wedding Stuffs” as I puts it. So welcome to the CineMate Wedding Films office based Glasgow, our workspace, our HQ!
These chats are weekly, casual, wedding video topical, open discussions covering questions already asked by couples online, at wedding fairs and if you too want to ask a question or questions feel free to do so in the comments section below.
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In today’s chat “Boys Toys” we talk about equipment. xxx

Ow and incase you don’t know what CineMate do. We’re Cool AF Scottish Wedding Videographers, Creating Dope Glasgow Wedding Films, Crafting HD to the Max Edinburgh Wedding Films, Super Gorgeous, Fun Creative, personal but SEO’d out their nut boutique Aberdeen and everywhere else in Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales or the rest of the world Wedding Films.

P.s Can’t you tell I’ve SEO’d this blurb to death LOL