A CineMate Brain Teaser

A CineMate Brain Teaser

Here’s one to get your brains into gear this afternoon: to which aspect of films are these directors referring? [hint: if you’ve been watching Simon’s Q and A videos, you’ll know the answer to this already!]

George Lucas: ” _ is half the experience”

Quentin Tarantino: ” _ is the personality [and] spirit of the movie”

David Lynch – “films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent _”

The cast’s wigs? The food hygiene standards in the canteen? Wrong!

…it’s the sound. And that’s why we at CineMate take our audio and soundtracks very seriously indeed! And for those of you who are feeling disappointed after getting the brain teaser wrong, here’s a chance to redeem yourselves:

True or False? Everyone at CineMate has a music degree.

It’s true! We feel like we can definitely tell which music is required, and when it’s not required at all. It’s a well known fact that music can dictate which emotions we feel, but that’s not to say that there’s any secret formula either- there are many times when no soundtrack is the best soundtrack. When was the last time you loved a film but hated the soundtrack? We can’t think of any, and we think that helps to show that soundtrack is an integral part of how we absorb film.

Please do join in the discussion in the comments below if you have anything you’d like to add, or if you disagree entirely!

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A young George Lucas sits on set alongside Sir Alec Guinness on the set of Star Wars episode IV. 40 years ago!  Sourcegeorge-lucas-and-alec-baldwin-star-wars