Lovely Letters

Just recently we received an e-mail and we would love to share this with you (maybe a little selfishly lol). It’s not all about us though because there are some great little nuggets of advice for brides in it.

So on saturday night while enjoying a few drinks with my family on a rare weekend off, an e-mail bings in and as always I have to read it straight away (workaholic). I’m so glad I did though as I was really touched by what I read:

“Hi guys, we just wanted to drop you a wee note to say we love the film! It arrived a week or so ago but we only managed to watch it last night.   We love some of the unusual shots, and some we never even knew you’d got. The time delay of darkness falling over the bridges is great, it shows we got married in Edinburgh, something that was important to both of us because it’s the city we met in and where we plan to spend our future together 🙂
There was so much of the day we’d forgotten, it was really wonderful to be able to see it all again.
To think we’ll have those memories stored forever is so important and we have you guys to thank for that.
Thanks so much for filming our big day.   We’re so glad we picked you and we wish you both well for the future of Cinemate!

Jen & Tony”



I love this e-mail! Jen and Tony were a lovely couple and we had a great time filming their wedding. It makes us all warm inside knowing that couples love their films and realize the importance of their wedding film!

If you know someone who’s on the fence about a wedding film let them read this and see if it changes their mind.



Simon and Gregg

p.s. We will maybe try and re-cap some of the previous blogs that are lost in the old site 🙁