Ice-Cream Lovers Hoe!

It’s no secret that I’m an ice-cream lover! So much so that even though I shouldn’t take dairy I make special time for that deliciously tasty, beautifully creamy, icy treat, the famous, Ice-Cream.

The reason I’m talking about ice-cream right now is that my wife has recently introduced me to Nardini’s and their mint choc chip flavour (which is my favourite btw!!!). Now if you don’t know what Nardini’s is and I didn’t until recently, it is Scotland’s most famous café, restaurant & ice cream parlour. How I did not know this is beyond me of course and as I live in the west end of Glasgow I was taken to the Glasgow cafe. As my wife passionately retells stories of friend and family trips through Largs to the first original cafe location I could tell their ice-cream played a happy part of her childhood… and adulthood memories.  



The Ice-Cream was fantastic! but it reminded me of a few weddings this year that had “wel-coned” a friendly Ice-Cream stand (see what I did there). Every time I see one at a wedding my mind goes through a few different thoughts but mainly “That looks soooo good…“Awwww I wish I wasn’t filming so I could try some of that Ice-Cream”.

You might be thinking…Ice-cream! The summers over young man and we’re heading straight into winter! That’s very true grandpa but if your planning your wedding for next summer there’s no better time to book to make sure you get the tasty treat you deserve.


If  you’re a DIY master and are thinking about Ice-Cream treats for your wedding there is a cool blog over at EatDrinkChic you should check out.




Our “Irresistibles” blogger choice today is…


Luxury Ice Cream served from our VW split screen camper van and classic pashley trike. That’s just cool.

Ice-Cream connoisseur Helen, together with her Mum Jan and Sister Rachael run ‘Ice Cream Dub’. Bringing the ultimate ice cream experience to your event with either their beautifully restored VW split screen campervan or vintage style Pashley tricycle.



Every event is unique and we love to encourage your dream, let your imagination run wild and tell us your ice cream dream. We can co-ordinate our decadent ice cream with your colour scheme or theme, the possibilities are endless…. Let us make your day truly unforgettable.”

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