Honeymoon travel guide- Italy

honeymoon travel guide

As we’re jetting off to Florence today to create a beautiful Italian wedding film for Stephanie and Matt we wanted to share these honeymoon travel guide’s that we found online. Fathom is a travel website, described in their own words as:

“Fathom is the travel website reinvented — through inspiring stories, practical advice, and useful tools and products. Fathom is where world-curious travelers indulge their passion for travel — whether they’re getting on a plane tomorrow or staying at their laptop.”

They’ve recently launched a new set of e-books aimed at honeymooners.

“Fathom presents travel guides for the most important trip of your life.”

You might be able to guess that we love Italy, being invited over to film an Italian wedding film for a couple always puts a smile on our face! So we would recommend considering Italy for your honeymoon and why don’t you click this link buy a travel guide and let Fathom guide you to the best honeymoon ever!

We found out about this through Cool Hunting, click through to read more about what they have to say on the new e-books. www.coolhunting.com/travel/fathom-honeymoon-travel-guides-italy

Simon & Gregg