Guestbook Ideas!

We’ve been thinking about guest books recently and the amazingly creative ways couples are doing them. From vintage typewriters to polaroid photo’s and everything in between!
After all when your wedding’s over, the more ways to remember the day the better. Theres nothing better than being able to cherish the lovely things, personal things, naughty things and drunken things people had to say to you. Imagine sitting down with your new other half and reading all the messages! A few awesome ideas we’ve seen online recently include:


Feeling nostalgic why not scour the second hand shops for a typewriter (preferably in working order lol) and set up a table with paper for guests to type you a little love letter! This idea can fit in great with vintage style weddings but with all the different designs of typewrites there;s sure to be one to fit your style if you look hard enough.

The Bible/ Book

What’s your favourite novel? Are you both passionate about christ? Sometimes writing personal messages can be tricky for guest so why not make it easy for them. Supply the book of your choice for your guests to flick through allowing them to highlight their favourite paragraphs, be inspired by your favourite chapters, make messages from words already printed in the pages or simply scribble their message on the sides, cover or spine!

Jenga blocks

One of our couples recently had Jenga blocks on the dinner tables and asked guests to scribble a message on them to make up there jenga set, so in years to come you can put a smile on their face every-time they play. Timmmberrrr!

Questionnaire Books

I’ve seen some quirky question-airs but theres also some book idea which seem much more permanent and more of a keepsake. Prompt your guests with questions like ‘When did you know we were meant for each other?’ and see the crazy or cute responses that you get 🙂


They say a photograph says 1000 words. If thats not enough though how about sticking them in a book with room to jot down a few more! There’s lots of photobooth companies out there that are great for this sort of thing, one of our faves is the LookLook booth!

So whats your thoughts, are you having a guest book, are you doing something different?

Simon & Gregg