A Lovely Letter from Eva + Rob

There is nothing more exciting for us than to finish a wedding film and send it on its way to our couples. It’s totally nerve racking ofcourse as questions tend to ride around in my head like “I hope they like the music choice”, “what if they don’t like the film?” “Gregg! I need a cuddle”…. I get weird looks from him ever time i ask 🙁 Sad times… Anyway, it’s so exciting but what’s just as exciting is when we hear back form our couples and they only have good things to say.

Just Recently We’ve had a few of our couples contact us with lovely letters. Below is one of those letter’s from Eva + Rob! Check out what they had to say about getting a wedding film:

Just wanted to say how absolutely thrilled we are with our wedding film!!! We couldn’t be happier with it and have watched it several times, both on our own and with family and friends, and each time we love it more and more, as do those who we have watched it with!

We originally weren’t sure about whether or not we wanted a DVD, but in the end decided that we would probably regret it if we didn’t, and we are so glad we made that decision!!! After we decided to go for a DVD we had (ok, “I” had) very clear visions of what we wanted to get from it, but other companies just didn’t seem to impress us much when we watched through at least 20 sample DVDs, so we were delighted when we finally came across you guys and your style which instantly appealed to us. We love that you have captured all those special details that we either didn’t pay much attention to or things that we completely missed, and that they are pieced together so creatively for us to look back on and remember forever. We couldn’t be happier with it and would recommend you to anyone!!!

Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort, we predict a very successful future for you both – your talents are more than worthy of it!!!