Picture a young boy and his father in line at the movie theatre, there to see the digital re-release of the original star wars film, a new hope. That little boy was me and even though I wasn’t at all excited (I didn’t know what Star Wars was then) it was in that next few hours that changed my life, force pulling me in to the world of cameras, lens, story telling…

These memories were recently brought back to my attention due to, what some of you may already know, George Lucas’ selling of the star wars franchise and Luscasart to Disney. I have to be honest I feel like a little kid again hearing there will be more films… Hopefully proper films though. Done well… Not those episodes 1,2 or 3. ANYWAY!
Star wars is on our minds not just due to this recent news but because we’ve recently filmed a movie themed wedding which featured a DIY light sabre cake cutting knife! In honour of all things Star Wars we’ve been looking for some unique wedding ideas allowing you to incorporate this beloved franchise into your wedding… If you’re a sci-fi geek of course.

Firstly lets start of with the most iconic image of the Star War series… The Lightsabre!
We’ve found the coolest things ever!!! Check out the link to Offbeatbrides blog for more info.

Too check out the whole wedding click here to visit Megan Finley blog site!

Not a crazed Sci-fi fan but ashamed your man is. Don’t want any strange fan boy themes forcing its way on your beautiful, perfectly planned wedding day. Well if you’re fighting about it and he won’t give in. Go subtlety !

Our last fun thing! Lego!!!!!!!


Ow and a quick fact about Gregg… He’s lived the Star Wars!!!!

P.s You have to read the title with the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme song) in your head!!!