Choosing Music for Wedding Videos

How do we choose the music for our awesome wedding films?

We both studied music technology at Universtiy so know the importance of music in films and more importantly¬†wedding videos. Whether it’s to drive emotion or control the pace of the edit, it’s vitally important to producing a good wedding video.

In the entry level wedding film market, it seems the standard is to ask the couples what songs they want in their film and just use them. When you are investing more in your wedding film and getting a proper film that will recall the day and also entertain you the filmmaker will most likely spend much longer after the wedding finding the perfect music to tell your story, not just slapping any cheesy song on without thinking. We get to know our couples and find out their top 5 bands or artists of all time so we can

We get to know our couples before the wedding and find out their top 5 bands or artists of all time so we can tailor the soundtrack to suit their tastes as well as. Check out the live stream above to get some more information on this.

Simon & Gregg

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