How we capture audio for our wedding videos

How we capture audio for our wedding films.

Following on from last weeks chat about wedding video music. In this ‘show’ I think we can call it a show now, we have a theme song and everything lol, we chat about how we record the audio for our awesome wedding films. It might get a little techy at times but the key takeaways are that we put a lot of focus on capturing the best quality audio for our couples and make sure to have back-ups. As we mentioned before if a film has poor quality audio a viewer is going to be put off very quickly. Jump over to Facebook and leave a comment if you have any questions 🙂

I (Gregg) was uploading a wedding film when we recorded this so our internet was being crushed by that so apologies for the poor quality and drop in connection oops.

Simon & Gregg

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This show’s coffee was aged in Scottish whisky barrels by Ovenbird Coffee Roasters Co. Dammnn its good!

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