Two shooters

Why we shoot as a duo and why we feel it’s better than solo shooting.

Slight change in layout today to give the show a little more structure. We split it into topics, first why we shoot together on weddings followed by some questions/ interaction and┬ásecondly why we feel you need to shooters at your wedding. We’ve heard from a few couples that they have concerns about the camera team (photo and video) being too big. So hopefully, we dispell those concerns. One thing I forgot to say is that we shot a wedding with just 12 guests a couple of years ago and even they barely noticed us for the majority of the day. Jump over to Facebook and leave a comment if you have any questions ­čÖé

Simon & Gregg

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This week’s coffee is Extract Coffee’s Nicaraguan Cerro De Jesus┬áwhich we got from our good friends at Primal Roast in Glasgow. If you want to find us on a Monday lunchtime that’s where we’ll be!