James + Leah’s Vintage Wedding Trailer

Arriving at the gates of Meldrum House on the 18th August 2012 we were welcomed by James, the groom with beer in hand and a smile on his face! It seemed that he couldn’t have been happier standing in the sun, enjoying the summer’s breeze, letting the hours pass before the ceremony.

It was there James spoke of the events that would feature throughout the day and of the excitement a scottish wedding would bestow to his English family. From guest arrivals welcomed by the singing of traditional scottish bag pipes through to the grooms kilt change and fireworks at the end of the night.

The couple couldn’t have hoped for a better day to have their wedding. It allowed all the children, big and small, to enjoy lawn games, iced cold beers and Pimms beverages (big kids only) as well as feast on canopies.

James & Leah, you are both so clearly meant for one another. It was an absolute pleasure being with you and never seeing your smiles fade. We wish you all the best in married life together. Keep living the dream!


Simon & Gregg