Knock! Knock! Chinese Door Games

So Gregg & I were surfing the web the other day (more specifically wedding blogs) as we do from time to time. Anyway, we came across something which we think is brilliant and totally different from wedding traditions we have in Scotland, Chinese Door Games.

These games can feature lots of different aspects including cheesy love songs, dancing in leotards, bras and knickers, quizzes with forfeits,Wasabi and Leg Waxing!!!

These games were first brought to our attention on Bridal Musings’ Sweet & Stylish Wedding in London blog which features John & Lucy’s wedding day. Make sure you check out the rest of the images at Bridal Musing.

If you’re like us and think these traditions are super cool and would like to learn more about Chinese traditional wedding games hit up Carmen Wedding’s Super Fun Chinese Wedding Door Games too!

 “At a Chinese Wedding, it’s likely the bride and groom may want some fun games {This is a fun and light hearted Chinese wedding tradition for those who have never witnessed it} Funny. Actually let me re-phrase – hilarious, crazy and complete madness, that’s what comes to mind!” – Carmen Weddings

Simon & Gregg