Post Valentines

So… did you treat your loved ones to a lovely day of gifts and cards, chocolate and love, kisses and cuddles. Perhaps you took your other half for a lovely dinner, or perhaps you stayed in for a romantic night. Well what ever you did we hope you spent some time reminiscing those good days and cheered to future good days!

If you’d want to go further we’ve discovered this cool idea for a wall feature over at our one of our favouriute blog sites a beautiful mess!

diy insta gram

Elsie mentions few few things which you’ll probably find your self asking.

“There were a couple challenges, though: 1. The wall is HUGE. 2. I don’t have that many instant photos or film. 3. Even if I did buy enough film to fill the whole wall it would cost thousands of dollars and probably take months (or years?) to take enough photos. 

So, I came up with a solution. We “wallpapered” this wall with color copies. The cons: They are not real photos, and they do repeat. The pros: It was done in a couple days, and I can now (slowly) cover the repeats with real photos over the next few years. One more pro: We’re in love with it! The photo wall makes our studio room a happier place to work.”

diy 2

For more information on how to create your every own version of this wall hit up a beautiful mess’ blog

If this is slightly too grand a task for you we’d recommend checking out an older blog by a beautiful mess which features this cool DIY project.


If this is something more up your street you can check out more about it at here at the “HOW I MADE MY INSTAGRAM WALL” blog!!!


Have fun!!!


Simon & Gregg