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same sex marriageWhy Do You Want to Capture Your Wedding on Video?:
So that we have an amazing memory of the day. Many of our friends who have got married tell us that they never got to take in every aspect of the day and they also mention that they didn’t get chance to spend time with every guest so we hope that our wedding video will tell the story of the day and fill in the parts that we may not get to see. It will be a treasured memento of the day!groomDescribe The Proposal?:
We were in the US for a friends’ wedding in November 2015 and after that were spending a few days on our own in New York. Tom had been preparing for the proposal for some time and even let his family and a couple of close friends in on his plan. He took Jules in a cab to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and after a few aborted attempts at proposing in some of the more picturesque parts of the park – due to the sudden arrival of groups of school kids – took Jules into what was sure to be an empty part of the gardens in November – empty of flowers and people – the Fragrance Garden – and there proposed. No one knee just a very earnest conversation on a bench and the presenting of a vintage pocket watch.groom

The venue(s), why this place above anywhere else:
We chose Kinkell as we wanted to put our own stamp on everything – and Kinkell allowed us to do this, bringing in our own caterers, booze and decorations. Tom wanted to get married, in Scotland – he and his family are originally from Caithness – but didn’t want to drag everyone that far. St Andrews is also where Tom spent 4 years as a student so it was an added bonus that we found the perfect venue here. We also like the fact that we have St Andrews beach and the picturesque countryside as the backdrop to our wedding even if it is in November!two grooms fighting

Venue: Kinkell Byre
Celebrant: Stewart Struthers, Humanist Society Scotland
Caterer: St Andrews Event Catering
Bar: Event Bars St Andrews
Lighting: i-Light
Pianist: Andy Lucas
Band: The Dawn Patrol
Florist: Studio & Waow
Photographer: James Gillham
Hari and Make-up: Collette Ruddy
Cake: A Bonnie Wee Cake

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