Brew Guide

We’ve teamed up with Glasgow’s Avenue coffee Roasting Co to bring you this brew guide. Check out their website for different methods!


The V60 is a simple pour-over method which will give you a creamy, medium bodied coffee. The spiral ridges on the inside of the V60 act to keep water distributed evenly through the bed of coffee, in turn giving a more even extraction.

Wedding coffee

1. Weigh out 15 grams of delicious coffee
2. Grind the coffee to a medium coarse grind size – think coarse sand
3. Pre-wet the V60 filter with hot water. This will also heat the V60. Remember to discard this water before you start brewing.
4. Pour in the ground coffee, trying to make it as level as possible
5. You are going to pour 250 ml of water into the V60. Gently make the first pour. At this point you are just looking to wet all the grounds, so 30 ml of water will be enough.
6. Fresh coffee will always have a great ‘bloom’ like this, as the water starts to extract the delicious flavours
7. Once the water starts to sink through the V60, top up the level with a nice, even, circular pour – to around halfway up the V60
8. Again, once the level starts to sink again, top up the V60 with an even, circular pour until you reach 250 grams on the scale. Let the coffee brew through into the jug below.
9. Pour. Sip. Enjoy.