Your CineMate Film

  • Two very smart and friendly filmmakers, our names… Simon & Gregg. (available for dancing duties and we also double as sound engineers)
  • Utilising all of our camera gear & supporting arsenal.
  • Capturing professionally clear audio.
  • Lit by our professional lighting equipment.
  •  Flying high with our professionally licensed aerial footage.

What you get

  • Starting at £2500
  • Full day coverage from preps until first dance, and then some.
  • An awesome, artistically composed and colour graded feature film
  • A stunning online trailer
  • All delivered on USB and streaming online

(On a side note, your USB is packaged along-side our favourite coffee beans of the month. These brewed the coffee which ran through our veins fuelling your edit)

Want some sides

Here’s an idea of additional “stuffs” we can offer you…

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage
Preps Coverage
Full Ceremony
Full Speeches
Full Edit of First Dance
Additional Hours
Extra DVDs/ Blu-ray Discs/ USBs
Film Photo Book
Slow Motion Booth
All the raw footage with copyrights

Drop us an e-mail via our contact page and we’ll get a proposal over to you within a day or two 🙂

Destination Wedding Films

Bonjour, Halló, Ciao, nǐ hǎo! Are you having a destination wedding?  If so we are the perfect creative team for you. If you’d like to see some examples of our destination wedding films then click though to our travel page here.


We know that some people have a smaller budget so we’ve got you covered too, head over to our sister company LoveLock and check out their awesome work!