The Tale of Cinemate

CineMate are on a mission – to banish mediocre wedding films for good.

Goodbye cheesy cliches and dated filming styles, Hello expertly crafted, uniquely approached wedding films.

Your wedding day goes by in a flash, a whirlwind of guests, bad dancing and life affirming moments. These are all the things that make your wedding film, well, yours.

Getting to know you…

Just good old fashioned getting acquainted.

Our wedding films are styled and catered to the unique personality of each couple, so what better way to get to know you than over tea and cake.

The best wedding films capture all the little moments that make the day truly yours, this is what we specialise in.

Not to toot our own horns, but we are expert filmmakers.

Professional and experienced, we know our stuff. From top rate equipment to top notch planning, there’s no faffing about or last minute madness with us. We make our own way to your venue, all suited up and ready to roll.


Just us.

No teams of people floating about, we’re nuptial ninjas. We operate as a duo from the first phone call to the final edit and personally work with our couples so they can put faces to names.

Style – Some just have it.

…And we sure do. We don’t just point and film. Our shooting style is charmingly bespoke, bringing a vintage class and character to the HD-refined precision of modern filmmaking.

Our wedding films capture the romance, emotion and intimacy of your wedding day flawlessly.

Jet setters.

Although based in Glasgow, we have graced many a European wedding. In fact we film all over the world, gorgeously capturing your special day.

Soon to be hitched?

Let’s grab a coffee, cake and chat.

Thanks to our friends Chris Currie Photography for the images on this page!

Some Quick Facts

  • I used to think scampi was made from goldfish.
    (Thanks big sister)

  • Denzel is one of my favourite actors especially in Hurricane and Bone Collector.

  • I'm maybe slightly obsessed with the local music scene.

  • I've been to a gig in a laundrette!

  • I like the idea of drinking whisky so I'm teaching myself to drink it.

  • I have no sense of smell.

  • I used to think LOL meant Lots Of Love.

  • I don't mind wearing odd socks sometimes.

  • I've never spelt “favourate” right first time.... Oops! FAVOURITE!

  • Most people think I'm from the states because of my strange accent.

  • I'm most happy when with my family and friends.

  • I tend to write ideas on napkins.