Thanks For Your Message

YAY! Thanks for your message we find the best way to help you get an awesome wedding film is to have a chat. This will enable us to hit the ground running in helping you figure out if we are the perfect videographer for your wedding! The more we understand your personality and story, the better we are able to capture footage that is truly meaningful to you. And it gives you a chance to get to know us better too!

So be expecting that email from us to set up an appointment, if we are available for your wedding date (make sure to check your Spam).

Working with us

There’s no faffing and mad last minute planning with us. We operate a tight ship, a very friendly and professional one at that.

1. Getting to know you…

Informal and relaxed. We don’t get to know your wedding, we get to know you.

We bash out any ideas, songs or particular styles that you like so we can start to see the kind of couple you are and the type of film you’d like.

2. The Rundown.

We blend into your wedding like nuptial ninjas. No cumbersome or annoying equipment, we work light-weight and as considerately as possible.

There’s no bothersome emails, we find out where we need to be and we get ourselves there, suited up and ready to roll.

3. Edit time.

This is where your film takes shape. We get to work lovingly piecing together the treasured and personal moments that made up your wedding day.

When we’re happy, we premiere your trailer. This is an opportunity to gain feedback and begin to polish up your film.

4. …..and it’s done.

Filmed, edited and it’s yours.