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You’re one-of-a-kind. Liberated, an individualist; you defy conventions. Your path in life is boundless, paved by you and strengthened by those who follow beside you. You want your wedding to radiate your fresh perspective.

We admire the couple who’s willing to make a wedding day their own, etching their personality into every detail. Be it a Scottish castle or an English manor; non-traditional or an elopement; the unconventional, the bohemian, the urban, the adventurous; these form the foundations of our inspiration. We take a bold step in our filmmaking!

On a day devoted to love and
celebration, it is the people present,
and the purity of their expressions that
we live for. Enhancing the beauty and
the cinematic artistry of our work, we
believe these natural moments sculpt
our footage with a certain depth and a
refreshing sincerity.

Based in the heart of Scotland, we attend unions spanning the picturesque landscapes on our doorstep and further afield, across Ireland and Europe. Whilst we love shooting luxurious weddings far and wide, for us, it’s the company that counts.

Simply, if there’s a couple ready and waiting to create stunning memories on their wedding day, we long to be there!

If you’re a like-minded couple who shares our enthusiasm for documenting the greatest day of your life, let’s get in contact; tell us what we can do for you.

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