Living Our Best Life

Darren : Tom

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Darren : Tom

Darren : Tom || Living Our Best Life || Luxury Gleneagles Wedding Film

How did you meet?
We met in London 13 years ago. We lived in London for a few years and then I sold Scotland to Tom!

A bit about you, what do you do, how do you spend your time? What’s important in life?
We work hard and like to enjoy ourselves when we aren’t working. We enjoy travelling and staying in nice places and we like going to the theatre, which is going to be reflected in the wedding and we want that to come through in the video.

Venue : @thegleneagleshotel
Photographer : @steviekyle
Humanist : @kathrynthehumanist
Groom’s Custom Tuxedos : @dolcegabbana
Band : @ldnentertainment // @fixthemusic
Jazz Singer : @sarahgoodwinsinger
Lampshade Dancers + Aerial Hoop Artists : @glamslaments
Event’s Planner : @catalyst.eps
Fireworks : Reaction Fireworks
Pipe Band : @royalairforceuk

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Gender Reveal

Claire : Gregg

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Just as generations evolve within the family circle, so too should our visual legacies.

We’re super excited here at Cinemate as Gregg along with his partner Claire are expecting a baby. Simon and Tom got involved to create a gender reveal video for them as you can see above.

Gregg here now: Going into the shoot we were filled with excitement and nerves, I can now relate to all our couples who say they don’t like being in front of the camera. However, as soon as we arrived at the park Simon and Tom put myself and Claire at ease and it instantly felt like a walk in the woods with friends.

Because Covid is playing havoc with us sharing the excitement with our families in person we wanted to create something we could share with them to announce the gender of our baby, the reactions over facetime and zoom as we sent the video to everyone was amazing! Once the excitement calmed down one of the main comments was, you should offer this to other couples it’s awesome! And it’s not something we’ve decided to do lightly we’ve been considering family films and photography for a while, Simon had his first of three babies 8 years ago and it was something we thought about and it’s been bubbling away since then.

So we’re finally offering family films and photos to our couples and other families in Scotland, as you know we’ve focused on films for the wedding market however for our family shoots we are going for a hybrid photo and video offering.

Why Video + Photo

There’s only so much emotion you can convey through a photograph. The photos will be cherished on your wall and in albums for your entire lives however cinematography hits in a completely different way, you can always connect with it more because it appeals to more of your senses.

Cinematography allows the picture to move and allows you to recall your family, your city, your life by hearing every part of it and seeing it move.

Check out our families page here for more information and get in touch if you have any questions or want to arrange a shoot.

Let’s create family memories

Bloody Lush

Kathleen : Ben

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Kathleen : Ben

Kathleen + Ben || Bloody Lush || Micro Wedding Scotland

We’re being asked quite a lot about what we think of Micro Weddings with really restricted numbers. We LOVE them, they are so personal and the importance of the wedding seems even more heightened. Check out this Micro Wedding Film and their story below.

Last year was quite tumultuous for most however in July Kathleen and Ben got in touch to say they were planning a Micro Wedding and wanted our help. Two months later they had a beautiful intimate ceremony and wedding at Borthwick Castle with a small handful of family and friends. Two days after that we kept the celebrations going with an adventure session in Glencoe, where we paddled in the river and set some symbolic white roses off into the water too.


How did you meet?
At Kamalaya on Koh Samui. I met Ben’s Mum before I met him. The first date was on a private boat and lunch on a private island. He lived in Paris and I lived in Tokyo but we knew within 5 mins of talking. He moved to Tokyo 6 months later.

Tell us about the proposal:
New Year’s Eve 2019 on a beach outside Oban watching the most stunning sunset. Ben got down on one knee. We had already picked an engagement ring and both wedding rings together the week before but I wasn’t expecting the proposal so quickly. We had amazing seafood lunch at Loch Fyne restaurant that day and have replicated it for our wedding rehearsal dinner.

The venue(s) or location, why this place above anywhere else?
We decided at the end of June to get married in Aug/Sept and only looked at two places – Gleneagles and Borthwick Castle. The castle was beautiful and the staff were great so just decided. No long search. In our heads, we had thought of a beach in Bali or Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como. Never planned Scotland but have just gone with the flow and it’s all working out fine.


Photographer : Emma Lawson Photography
Bouquets : Floristic Designs
Harp : Deborah Shaw
Bagpipes : David MacRoberts
Table decor : Borthwick Castle
Dress : Eleganza Sposa // Martin Aliana Bridal
Suit : Moss Bros.
Groom’s shoes : Hugo Boss
Groom’s personalised cufflinks : Monica Vinader
Hair : Chris from Nicci Weston Makeup Artist
Make up : Emma from Nicci Weston Makeup Artist

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Reckless Entanglement

Katie : Mark

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Katie : Mark

Katie : Mark || Reckless Entanglement || St Andrews Wedding Film

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
We hear the day goes really fast and we want to be able to go back and see the day again and again

Why did you pick us?
Recommended by the photographer, then loved your galleries online and you have been really easy and lovely to work with 🙂

The venue(s) or location, why did you pick this St Andrews wedding venue?
The venue is beautiful, I grew up on a farm and love the barn and rustic feel of Kinkell Byre

The Team
Video : Cinemate Films
Photographer : Neil Thomas Douglas
Celebrant : Linda Stewart
Venue : Kinkell Byre
Catering : Lazy Sunday
Flowers : Blue Poppy
Band : Papa Shandy and the Drams

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Edge of the World

Shazia : Chris

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Shazia : Chris

Shazia : Chris || Edge of the World || Double wedding highlights

Wanting something different from the hundreds of weddings that they’ve photographed over the years, Chis and Shazia decided to elope to Skye just for them before having an epic party two days later. The party was a street food, gaming, and all-round awesome-fest at Wylam Brewery. Safe to say the couple pulled together an amazing team of suppliers for both events and gave their guests a unique party to remember.

Isle of Skye Elopement and Wylam Brewery Wedding Video

The venue(s) or location, why this place above anywhere else?
Isle of Skye. We wanted somewhere different than where we normally photograph and somewhere that would look great in photographs. We talked about Iceland but the cost was problematic, whereas Skye offered a great balance of cost and beauty. We both love Scotland and the Scottish culture, so it’s all worked out perfectly. In Newcastle, we picked somewhere we’d never photographed at before. Plus it a fantastic venue and a really cool place visually.

What experience do you want to give your guests? Just a relaxing, enjoyable day. We’ve done so many weddings and we don’t want to do the usually format. We’ve told our guests that our day is more like a food festival day with a bit of a wedding jammed in somewhere. There will be music throughout the day, lots of food and lots of drink (with it being at a brewery)

The Team

Photographer : Pablo Laguia
Humanist : Lesley Simpson
Newcastle Venue : Wylam Brewery
Florist : The Enchanted Florist Durham
Dress : Jean Jackson Couture (Rue De Seine)
Kilt : Hainsworths
Suits : Master Debonair and Mr Munro
Neons and Light up signs : Coco Luminaire
Street Food : Meat Stack, Dumpling & Bun and Redhead’s Mac N Cheese and Cake Bros
Retro Games : Gaming4weddings
Mariachi Band : The Mexican Way
Piper : Rich Gordon
Evening band : The Jets

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Royal Blood

Drumtochty Castle

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Micro Weddings at Drumtochty Castle

Drumtochty Castle is a beautiful, exclusive use venue in Aberdeenshire which we have loved shooting throughout the years.

So many of our awesome couples have had the party of their lives in this amazing wedding venue but we want to help even more brides and grooms discover its potential so when we were recently asked to get involved in this micro wedding shoot we jumped right in.

The team that was formed were all experts in their field and the outdoors/ wild tone that was discussed in the planning stages of this shoot spoke right to all involved.

Head over to Drumtochty Castle‘s blog for more information on their exclusive micro wedding package and some of Emma’s amazing photos.


Get in contact for a chat and we’ll tell you why we think YOU should have one of these tiny celebrations which, may on the outside seem small but are packed to the brim, full of love, joy, and good times.

Venue : Drumtochty Castle
Dress : Ivory Grace Bridal / Stephanie Allin
Styling : We Are Gloam
Hair & MUA : Linton and Mac
Cake : Love Laura Lane
Photography : Emma Lawson Photo
Celebrant : Claire The Humanist
Piper : The Coull Piper

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Aurora || Sneak Peek

Emily : Rob

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Emily : Rob

Arctic Circle Elopement || Emily : Rob || Aurora

We live our lives here and now, so let us live it well. It’s here and now we mean something to each other and the world around us.

Emily and Rob invited us to go on the journey of a lifetime with them as they travelled from Australia to the other side of the world to elope in Norway.
On our first date, we agreed to say what was on the top of our bucket list at the same time. It was seeing the aurora borealis for both of us! We knew we were perfect for each other. We’re travel-loving vegans and best friends, who enjoy adventure, value family, creativity, animals and nature.

The Team
Video : Cinemate Films
Photo : Arctic Dream Weddings
Venue : Log Cabin outside Tromsø
Celebrant : Kjell Kristiansen

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Breath Mountain Air

Laura : Marcus

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Laura : Marcus

Letter Reading, Glencoe Elopement Film || Laura : Marcus || Breath Mountain Air

Here are Marcus and Laura in the heart of Glen Coe, at the foot of the three sisters, saying their vows to each other in front of a small selection of friends. Not only their friends, however…..
Just out of frame are a group of respectful tourists who have gathered at the top of the hill to watch our couple promise themselves to each other. At the end of the ceremony, as the couple kiss and group cheer and yell their congratulations to the now-married couple!
It was lovely!

Later that evening as the light from the setting sun crept its way through the forest it found its resting place on the bodies of these two friends. It was at this time tears were shed and promises made, read aloud from handwritten letters each had crafted and gifted to the other.

Contact us, we’d love to share in your adventure in Scotland!

Why did you pick us?
We were googling elopement videographers in Scotland. When cinemate popped up, we really loved the style of film and editing. We both have an arts/media background so we were really keen on having a film with an aesthetic purpose that captured the landscape and atmosphere more than just a raw video of events.

How did you meet?
Laura was new to England and living in Surrey (from Canada), Marcus had just moved into London with his first job position after his masters. Neither of us knew anyone or had any friends. I guess we were both using dating apps as a way to find someone to spend time with. We only matched because Laura had taken a train into London alone to spend a day sightseeing. Marcus was at his job in central London. Otherwise, with the distance parameters, we never would have matched. We spoke about a month, and then met in Hyde Park on Christmas day. It was our first Christmas’ away from our families. We had Christmas dinner together at a pub, and have been together ever since. ((Laura’s mom doesn’t know we met on an app though, so we’re saying we just met randomly in London on Christmas day 😉 ))

The venue(s) or location, why this place above anywhere else?
We wanted somewhere outdoors, woodsy, natural, with beautiful landscapes. We didn’t want to choose a side of Canada or Sweden, and we wanted it to be as quick as possible. Scotland always kind of called to us, and we’ve only visited once but both felt at home there. We’re excited to see the highlands and make our wedding another adventure to add to our story.

The Team
Video : Cinemate Films
Location : The base of the Three Sisters
Getting Ready Location : Signal Rock Cottages

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Barley Roguing

Lois : Scott

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Lois : Scott

Scottish Outdoor Wedding Film, Fasque Castle || Barley Roguing

Today we’re featuring the highlights film from Scott and Lois’s wedding, held at the beautiful Fasque Castle. You may remember a recent blog post featuring the illustrious Fasque castle however this film shows an alternative view of the venue. Not in the rain for an indoors wedding (though still stunning in the glistening wet), as a sun-drenched, summertime, outdoor ceremony and reception venue.

In the evening we were able to take the couple to the nearby barley fields for a relaxing jaunt. It was during this shooting with the couple that we found the title of the film “Barley Roguing”. It was, in fact, Lois who retold childhood memories of her time in the fields for barley roguing which is the task of pulling unwanted weeds from the fields of barley.

Contact us, we’d love to go Barley roguing with you!

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
We want a wedding video so we know our day is perfectly preserved and can be viewed and relived at any time we wish. Our wedding is a large gathering of friends and family and we don’t want to miss out on the funny moments, touching moments, and the interactions between all our family and friends. We want to capture moments that we might overlook or think were not important on the day but really are. We also want to see it from the outside perspective. It’s like standing on the Eiffel tower… we are on the thing that we want to look at…ourselves. Also, Lois has not the greatest memories due to epilepsy so a video is essential.

How did you meet?
We met at the Big Beach Ball Festival in Aberdeen May 2014. Where Scott noticed Lois and her friends. Scott tried to impress Lois he was in a band playing in the festival but Lois failed to watch his band… she’s not easily impressed. Playing it very cool must have worked because Scott asked Lois on a date the following weekend… Don’t think we ever went on a second date…

Tell us about the proposal:
I knew Lois wouldn’t like a public spectacle proposal and she had previously mentioned that she’d just like it to be at home. I also knew that including Ace in some way would seal the deal; if anyone could convince her it was a good idea, it’s him. After a number of failed attempts (including interruptions from friends, men fishing and even the police) I eventually had Lois in the house with no distractions, unfortunately, she was very hungover and had spent most of the morning laying on the sofa being cared for. I went upstairs to prepare. I’d bought a small soft toy which resembled a diamond ring for Ace. I got the actual ring ready and gave him the toy, he ran downstairs and we played the chasing game we normally play. I then said to Lois what’s that in Ace’s mouth… she looked confused, I said it’s a ring and then went down on one knee. Lois said she wanted to be surprised and this was a surprise… after saying oh my god, what are you doing? about 20 times she eventually said yes.

The venue(s) or location, why this place above anywhere else?
Our very close friends got married at Fasque and we were blown away by the building, the rooms and the attention to detail everywhere. We spent the entire wedding of our friends inside the house and that is why it is so important for us to have our wedding outside so we can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the house and its grounds. I don’t think any place would come close but to be honest we are very decisive and didn’t look anywhere else. The house has so much character and splendour which is perfect for hosting a wedding. It was also important that we could be married in Scotland close to our homes and have the majority of our friends and family stay on.

What do you love most about your partner?
Scott, He bought me a dog which then required a house…and the rest is history…. Jokes. He would do anything for anyone including me. Always goes out of his way to help his family and friends. Especially if it involves a trip in his van (he loves his van).
His family and friends rely on him a lot (I am usually riding solo at weddings because he is usually setting up PA’s or making sure something is right) that shows he has very good traits. He can also cook and likes to cook which is a blessing to come
home after work to good food. Lois Lois is very caring, thoughtful and considerate (the way she is with Ace and all our nieces & nephews makes me know that she’ll be an amazing mum) She if fun and fun-loving, always willing to try new things and is
up for a laugh and she excites me and keeps me on my toes, I never want to let her down, although I do stumble sometimes.


The Team
Video : Cinemate Films
Photo : Emma Lawson
Venue : Fasque Castle
Humanist : Neil Lynch Humanist
Florist : Kim Dalgleish
Qaurtet : Cairn String Quartet
Hair : Kimberly Logie
Make-up : Rae Mathieson
Catering : Oysterman Events
Stationary: EYI Love
Evening entertainment: Irn Broo/ Silver City Soul Revue/Home Alone DJ’s

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Love Is A Song From Kendrick Lamar

Tiffany : Norman

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Tiffany : Norman

Luxury Fasque Castle Scottish Destination Wedding || Love Is A Song From Kendrick Lamar

Tiffany and Norman held their Scottish destination wedding at the Luxury Fasque Castle so a beautiful and emotional wedding day.

Contact us, we’d love to film your wedding

A bit about you, what do you do, how do you spend your time? What’s important in life? I am a fashion designer and Norman works in IT. We like spending time at home and pretty much spend all our time together when not at work. We both love music and that was what really bonded us. Life is meant to be enjoyed and finding happiness is whatever forms you’d like. It can be something as small as quiet moments to loud declarations.

Tell us about the proposal: Norman proposed to me in my childhood home back in LA when we went to spend the holiday with my parents. He knew I wanted a somewhat traditional proposal where he would get permission from my parents first before he proposed. He also managed to get my closest friends to come over to celebrate the holiday with us. My friends took me out to shop while he stayed at home to prepare. I’m shy so he knew I wanted a more private proposal. He left roses in a trail leading to my old room and when I got home I followed that trail to him. I was very surprised and did not expect it so soon!

The venue(s) or location, why this place above anywhere else? I’ve never been to Scotland and that was one of the places I always wanted to see. I love old architecture and so I really wanted a wedding in a manor house or castle. Also, I’ve always wanted to see highland cows

What experience do you want from your destination wedding? We want the guests to feel comfortable, welcome, and just have fun!

The Team
Video : Cinemate Films
Wedding Coordinator : Weddings by Sara Jane
Photo: The Ferros
Venue: Fasque Castle
Hair: Gemma Taylor Hair
Make-up: Samantha Cardno Make-up
Catering: Sinclairs Catering
Cake: Laura Lane Cake


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