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Just as generations evolve within the family circle, so too should our visual legacies.

We’re super excited here at Cinemate as Gregg along with his partner Claire are expecting a baby. Simon and Tom got involved to create a gender reveal video for them as you can see above.

Gregg here now: Going into the shoot we were filled with excitement and nerves, I can now relate to all our couples who say they don’t like being in front of the camera. However, as soon as we arrived at the park Simon and Tom put myself and Claire at ease and it instantly felt like a walk in the woods with friends.

Because Covid is playing havoc with us sharing the excitement with our families in person we wanted to create something we could share with them to announce the gender of our baby, the reactions over facetime and zoom as we sent the video to everyone was amazing! Once the excitement calmed down one of the main comments was, you should offer this to other couples it’s awesome! And it’s not something we’ve decided to do lightly we’ve been considering family films and photography for a while, Simon had his first of three babies 8 years ago and it was something we thought about and it’s been bubbling away since then.

So we’re finally offering family films and photos to our couples and other families in Scotland, as you know we’ve focused on films for the wedding market however for our family shoots we are going for a hybrid photo and video offering.

Why Video + Photo

There’s only so much emotion you can convey through a photograph. The photos will be cherished on your wall and in albums for your entire lives however cinematography hits in a completely different way, you can always connect with it more because it appeals to more of your senses.

Cinematography allows the picture to move and allows you to recall your family, your city, your life by hearing every part of it and seeing it move.

Check out our families page here for more information and get in touch if you have any questions or want to arrange a shoot.

Let’s create family memories