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FarmShop18 & An Urban Farewell Story

The film above, entitled “Farewell” represents the final product of a shoot session held at Photography Farm’s FarmShop18 in Edinburgh and taught by Tu Nguyen.

To master our art form, to push the boundaries of wedding filmmaking; it is this that makes for a truly timeless visual heirloom. Attending workshops like FarmShop18 has always been an important investment Cinemate have made in order to create films that are both breathtaking and bold that capture the imaginations and hearts of our couples.

This year’s FarmShop18 featured six wedding photography mentors including Eric Ronald, Neil Thomas Douglas, The Twins, Gabe McClintock, Jennifer Moher and Tu Nguyen, all of which dove into specific aspects of running a wedding business as well as teaching their own shoot sessions.

It was our shoot session that really stood out, however.

A typical shoot session consists of a model/ couple, a group of photographers willing to learn and a mentor, however, this wasn’t your typical session. Unlike many sessions our shoot was dictated by a story element, this falls in line with Tu Nguyen’s story-centric photography/videography work.

Tu’s session premiss was as follows:

There are two lovers. One an English woman, the other a German man both struggling with the woes of a long distant relationship. They spend most of their year apart, however, have been together for the past week. The story expresses the anxiety they both feel as time aims to separate them once more.

In addition to Tu’s story elements, we thought it would reflect ourselves more by placing a third character into the scene, a child, therefore changing the dynamics of the relationship. Now the film is no longer about two lovers separating but of a family pulled apart.

To add greater sincerity and to pull further on the story arc of a relationship being pulled apart and the struggles had within this fate we selected sections of David Romano’s “When tomorrow starts without me” read by Tom O’Bedlam as a voice over. The poem itself is heart-wrenching, though, not perfectly suited for our story. Death features as the main catalyst of the full poem, however, we never wanted to portray a reason for the separation. Was the man called away to work at sea? Was their relationship falling apart? Was there another woman? I have always found that films become alive when mysteries are left.

“Farewell” is juxtaposed with our usual films as tonally it lingers on the darker end of the emotional spectrum though in our opinion all emotions are held to the same esteem. The film is a powerful reminder that all destined farewells could come at any moment and that treasuring the now rather than the then is so much more important.

Films for the Enamoured and Adventurous

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Visual legacy perfection

There’s a passion for those intimate moments that runs through our veins. A passion bound to our heritage; it flows through our mountains, amidst the glens. It’s not a focus on a dress or precious metals; this passion stems from the honest bond shared by two. Rooted together by love, wonder and attraction, these are the moments that matter most.

The boldness of Bruce, the romantic flair of Burns, the innovation of Bell. At Cinemate, we nurture these attributes inherited from our Scottish forefathers and instinctively apply them to our art. With pride in our hearts, we aim to excel and impress.

 You see, we are not conventional wedding films. We promote progression! And, just as generations evolve over the years, so too should our visual legacies. So, aside from typically posed pictures, with every trembling palm and each intimate embrace, our movies capture that key connection; that authentic spark.

We’re not making wedding videos, we’re making memories!

Surrounded by Scotland’s dynamic landscapes, the air exudes inspiration. From the mossy hills amongst the heather to the steepest crags upon the moors; these scenic juxtapositions are integral influences for our cinematic vision.

You see, we like our footage to source similar contrasts. Transitioning from the sincerity of ceremonious vows to elated celebrations, these varying dimensions ingrain a layer of complexity into each sequence. So, combining the values of our heritage and an appreciation for rural aesthetics, our filmmaking carves the balance necessary for an engaging, emotive experience.

At Cinemate, we attend unions spanning Scotland’s horizons and even further afield, across Ireland and Europe. Simply, if there’s a couple in love and waiting to create stunning memories on their wedding day, we long to be with them!

The authenticity of our films stems from the very roots of their creation. Sculpted by the vision of those behind the lens, they encapsulate every desire held by the passionate in front.

In cinematic sequences contrived from the heart, we favour the natural dynamism of emotion in an expression of true artistry and filmic craftmanship.

This ensures our films are formulated for an optimum, emotive impact!

The romantic determinism which lays within our art is indisputable. Grounded by the values of our heritage and protruded by our cinematic vision: at heart we are bold, we are intuitive and we are progressive. Merging stunning wedding visuals with precision audio engineering, we are committed to curating cinematic artistry, which reflect your wedding’s natural charm.

Whether yours is an all-day celebration in the Scottish Highlands or a three-day event on the Amalfi Coast, our artistic flair will follow!

Welcome to a New Cinemate

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Bold, raw & Passionate

With a fresh perspective, we step into a new year. With that comes new goals to be reached and new friends to greet but it is our newfound sense of dare and attitude that we light our passion filled hearts with and strive for a better tomorrow!

Cinemate is going bold, raw and passionate. A passion bound to our heritage, framed by our past and fortified in our films.


In cinematic sequences contrived from the heart, we favour the natural dynamism of emotion in an expression of true artistry and filmic craftmanship.

The authenticity of our films stems from the very roots of their creation. Sculpted by the vision of those behind the lens, they encapsulate every desire held by the passionate in front and it’s that passion you see in the film above.

To our past couples thank you for your inspiration and love, to our future couples, we can’t wait to meet!

"People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel."

Maya Angelou

Humanist Society Scotland Promotional Film


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Your Life: Your Ceremony

Why choose us?: Our ceremonies are a real celebration of life; of lives lived, new lives and lives together.  Every ceremony is unique and personally crafted by our celebrants to meaningfully and joyfully reflect the life of who the ceremony is for.  HSS Registered Celebrants take the privilege of preparing and conducting your ceremony very seriously and as the largest and longest standing provider of humanist ceremonies in Scotland you can be sure that with us you are in safe hands.  Choosing a celebrant for your ceremony is an important part of your planning.

It may help you to know that we were the organisation to campaign for legal humanist marriage in Scotland.  In 2005, 12 HSS Registered Celebrants were the first humanist celebrants to be authorised to solemnise marriage in Scotland; a huge achievement and we’re delighted that so many couples have benefitted.  Humanist Society Scotland is also a registered charity and all our celebrants contribute part of their fee to us to help with the continued development of humanist ceremonies, our ongoing campaigning and our charitable work both at home and internationally.  It’s also important for you to know that only HSS Registered Celebrants are covered by the HSS Promise.

The HSS Ceremony Promise: Your humanist ceremony will be to mark one of life’s most important events. That is why we take your booking seriously. As the longest standing provider of humanist ceremonies in Scotland we support and co-ordinate our nation’s largest and best known group of Humanist Celebrants. Every year our celebrants conduct thousands of ceremonies and we’re committed to ensuring that every one is unique and of a consistently high quality. To demonstrate our commitment to you and your ceremony we are the only provider to offer the HSS Ceremony Promise; all HSS Registered Celebrants are covered by our Promise as are all their ceremonies.

Be Assured, We’re Insured: We are delighted to have a reputation for providing high-quality ceremonies and service. Although it is only occasionally (only about 0.5% and we conduct around 7000 ceremonies each year!) that problems arise with our ceremonies you can be assured if you book an HSS Registered Celebrant they are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.

We’ve Got it Covered: It is very rare that the celebrant you have booked is unable to conduct your ceremony, and this would only be in extreme circumstances such as serious illness. However, as the largest provider of humanist ceremonies in Scotland, we have the network to find you a replacement, even at very short notice. We have office staff available to ensure we can respond quickly to any emergency with minimal stress to you. Although unlikely to happen, always ask your chosen organisation how they provide cover in emergencies.

Developing Skills to Give You the Best: All HSS Registered Celebrants must complete intensive training and mentoring programmes before they are registered to conduct any type of ceremony. Our celebrants are regularly reviewed and also participate in ongoing practice development opportunities.

Setting the Standard: All our celebrants work to a set of standards to ensure that your experience is the best it can be. Our celebrants are also subject to a complaints and grievance process. If, in the unlikely event you have any concerns about your ceremony please raise these with your celebrant directly in the first instance. If this proves difficult please email ceremonies@humanism.scot and we will do all we can to resolve the matter.

Best of All, We’re a Charity!: The Humanist Society Scotland is a Registered Scottish Charity and as a charity, we campaign for a fairer Society; provide humanist ceremonies, including funerals for those under 16 at no charge. We’re also really proud to be the Humanist organisation that worked hard for legal humanist marriage in Scotland.