Becky + Alex

Becky and Alex had a destination wedding film at Alex’s family home including a beautiful first look at the groom’s childhood home.

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Read their story below:

How did you meet?
We were both in Sydney – ended up working together. Alex was travelling, Becky was on rotation for a job from the US.

Tell us about the proposal:
We lived on a reservoir that we used to walk and run around all the time – it was very special to us in a simple way. It was the Saturday before my 30th birthday so we had birthday drinks that night with friends. Saturday morning we went out for a typical Saturday morning walk – Alex claimed he couldn’t find his keys so I brought mine. He privately proposed on the walk – just he and I. It was really perfect and when we got back into the flat all of our friends were there (he had hidden the keys for them)

The venue(s) or location, why this place above anywhere else?
Even though the bride is from Boston – we thought no better place than Scotland – it’s just so stunning. The farm where the reception is means a lot to Alexander – it is a very close family friend where he spent much of his time when he was a child.
We are doing the first look at his house – Maryfield – which is currently for sale. So that is very special to us because that house has been in the family for generations.

Why do you want to capture your wedding on video?
For our children and to truly capture the emotion of the day – particularly the happiness of our family & friends.

The Team
Video : Cinemate Films
Photo : Mark Pacura
Venue : Family friend’s farm in Duns
Band / DJ : Sugarush
Florals : Borders Blooms, Kelso
Catering : Fig Food

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There’s a passion for those intimate moments that runs through our veins. A passion bound to our heritage; it flows through our mountains, amidst the glens. It’s not a focus on a dress or precious metals; this passion stems from the honest bond shared by two. Rooted together by love, wonder and attraction, these are the moments that matter most.

The boldness of Bruce, the romantic flair of Burns, the innovation of Bell. At Cinemate, we nurture these attributes inherited from our Scottish forefathers and instinctively apply them to our art. With pride in our hearts, we aim to excel and impress.

 You see, we are not conventional wedding films. We promote progression! And, just as generations evolve over the years, so too should our visual legacies. So, aside from typically posed pictures, with every trembling palm and each intimate embrace, our movies capture that key connection; that authentic spark.

We’re not making wedding videos, we’re making memories!

Surrounded by Scotland’s dynamic landscapes, the air exudes inspiration. From the mossy hills amongst the heather to the steepest crags upon the moors; these scenic juxtapositions are integral influences for our cinematic vision.

You see, we like our footage to source similar contrasts. Transitioning from the sincerity of ceremonious vows to elated celebrations, these varying dimensions ingrain a layer of complexity into each sequence. So, combining the values of our heritage and an appreciation for rural aesthetics, our filmmaking carves the balance necessary for an engaging, emotive experience.

At Cinemate, we attend unions spanning Scotland’s horizons and even further afield, across Ireland and Europe. Simply, if there’s a couple in love and waiting to create stunning memories on their wedding day, we long to be with them!

The authenticity of our films stems from the very roots of their creation. Sculpted by the vision of those behind the lens, they encapsulate every desire held by the passionate in front.

In cinematic sequences contrived from the heart, we favour the natural dynamism of emotion in an expression of true artistry and filmic craftmanship.

This ensures our films are formulated for an optimum, emotive impact!

The romantic determinism which lays within our art is indisputable. Grounded by the values of our heritage and protruded by our cinematic vision: at heart we are bold, we are intuitive and we are progressive. Merging stunning wedding visuals with precision audio engineering, we are committed to curating cinematic artistry, which reflect your wedding’s natural charm.

Whether yours is an all-day celebration in the Scottish Highlands or a three-day event on the Amalfi Coast, our artistic flair will follow!