Are you looking to improve your social media game?

Let’s keep it simple and to the point, with a passion for fitness and filmmaking, we’re offering a select few gyms in the area a special social media content creation shoot session. We’ve opened up some limited time in our schedule for these sessions.

  • 1 hr on-location filming
  • Unlimited videos
  • Depending on the video ideas we would estimate 4-6 videos
    — £255

If you intend having dialogue (talking) in your video, subtitling is highly recommended for social media as most people scroll with the sound off. We can include subtitling for £10 per video.

Book a slot via the calendar below.

* Any questions drop us an e-mail

Content ideas could include:

  • Message Video
  • Exercise Video
  • Testimonial
  • Vibe (filming a session)

For more of a promo video combining filming a session as well as testimonials like below give us a message and we can have a chat.