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Ferguson Family

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Let’s create your legacy.

Your path in life is boundless, paved by you and strengthened by those who follow beside you.

As Cinemate we’ve been making films for the enamoured and adventurous and let’s face it, there is nothing quite like the fresh mountain air filling your lungs, the pitter-patter of the soft Scottish rain hitting your face or warm infrequent lick of our gorgeous sun as you stand face to face with your partner promising a life together.

But this is only the start of your journey!

If life grants you the privilege to extend your family household we can tell you as Fathers that this path is most certainly an adventure you’ll want documented.

Gender Reveal

Claire : Gregg

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Our approach to family film and photography is super informal. It’s spending a couple of hours in casual mode with us at a familiar location like your own home and garden or adventuring out at a local forest or special spot to be the backdrop for your shoot.

Simply go somewhere you love, that way you can relax and be yourself.

And that’s it really.

There’s no awkward or formal posing! It’s candid with a documentary style of shooting. Mornings are best but the session can happen whenever suits you. You’ll get a shoot of up to two hours, with a cute 1/3minute film, a full digital gallery of images delivered, and full printing rights.


There’s only so much emotion you can convey through a photograph. The photos will be cherished for your entire lives however cinematography hits in a completely different way, you can always connect with it more because it appeals to more of your senses.

Cinematography allows the picture to move and allows you to recall your family, your city, your life by hearing every part of it and seeing it move.

Let’s create family memories