What is the booking process?

Once the decision has been made and you are ready to book, an online booking form will be sent directly to the email address provided upon initial contact. This will allow us to acquire a few more details about your wedding plans. At this stage we would also require a booking fee to be paid, which consists of 25% of the final balance. Once these have been processed, you are fully booked!

Methods of payment?

Our preferred method of payment is via bank transfer. We also accept PayPal though we advise our couples to avoid this as extra charges may be accrued. Other methods of payment may be discussed thanks to certain flexibilities, please contact us with any queries.

How far will you travel?

We search for captivating couples who wish for us to create stunning wedding films, and we travel to them to do so! Cinemate are based in Scotland however that doesn’t stop us from travelling across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Why 15-20 minute feature film?

The greatest compliments we receive come directly from our couples who mention ‘reliving their emotional experience’ when watching their wedding film. This is because we work to truly capture and replicate those key connections, and the intimate moments shared on your special day! This comes in the way we shoot and edit our films but also is influenced by their length. A short film which ebbs and flows with differing intensities holds the power and passion to captivate an audience for its entirety. Consider the time-frame of a 90-minute, feature length film with two years taken to create: with one full day of filming, the 15-20 minutes of footage we craft can be contextualised.

What equipment do you use?

When painting a comprehensive work of art, your tools are not your main focus. The same can be said for creating gorgeous wedding cinematography. As storytellers, equipment has never been at the forefront of our minds. Instead, our films are carved by emotion, endearment and beauty; a technological focus only risks hindering that. Nevertheless, we proudly shoot with some of Canon’s ‘flagship’ cameras, with L-series accompanying glass, and the highest quality supporting tools.

When do you arrive/ leave on the day?

We are present for a full day of filming (roughly 10 hours). Starting at bridal preps, we shoot throughout the day with the goal to capture a wedding film full of wonder and serenity. We will not leave until this is done!

May we choose the music that accompanies our wedding film?

Director, David Lynch, was quoted in stating that “Film is 50% Visual and 50% Sound.” We thoroughly agree with this statement and attest to the importance of their partnership. Forming a lasting piece of visual art involves pace, rhythm, and expression. And so, within a wedding film, music is an essential form to harness.

With this regard, we believe that our creative freedom is vital, and so we retain the responsibility of selecting the perfect musical accompaniment for each film. Of course, your connection, your selves, and your special day are all taken into close consideration during this process.
Additionally stands the legal matter of music licensing, which we strongly abide by.

When will we receive our wedding film?

We anticipate a 3-4 month wait on the production of our wedding films. However, if you’re in a hurry, an Express Edit addition is available for purchase.

How will we receive our wedding films?

All packages come with a USB Drive and a private online gallery where you will be able to access your wedding films. In addition, we offer copies which may be purchased for USB, DVD or Blu-Ray.

Do you keep back-ups?

We do create and keep back-ups of all our wedding films, however, “raw” footage is only stored for a year. It’s incredibly important to look after your films after receiving them, yet, should worst come to worst, please contact us.

Still something on your mind?

We’d love to have a chat to clear up any unanswered questions you might have – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!