Help Us,Help You!

In the following paragraphs, we will be offering hints and tips to help your media team capture the most beautiful photography and film content possible from your wedding or elopement. There is, of course, no obligation to follow this advice, as professionals, we are able to work in any environment or situation.


As a filmmaker, light is everything. A venue with big windows and lots of lovely natural light will ensure the most flattering shots. So, consider the light when choosing you’re getting ready venues, that goes for both parties. A small cluttered room won’t make for the best images. A quick tidy, even if it means throwing some stuff in a cupboard or under the bed will unclutter the room, give you cleaner images and make the morning as chilled and enjoyable as possible for you both.

Along with this is to try to have your “wedding day wearables” easy to access and in one place. i.e. jewellery, shoes and suits and dresses.

Something to consider is what you’ll be wearing in the morning, as this outfit will most likely feature a lot in your wedding film. This is a great place to inject a bit of your everyday style into your film too.

Giving gifts to your significant other? This can be a lovely treat for them in the morning and if so, make sure to capture the event by letting your photo and video individuals know when you’ll be opening them.

We should note that we require to be at the ceremony venue an hour (minimum) before the ceremony to set up, so make sure, if you’re wanting to capture yourself getting into your dress that you’re aware of this.


Some venues, in particular churches, can have rules on where and when we can film. Speak to the person conducting your ceremony beforehand to understand their policy to ensure you’re fully aware before the day & can let us know so we can plan.

Audio is vitally important for your wedding film so to get the best audio for your film we like to give each person speaking a little audio recorder to put in their pocket. Sometimes celebrants are unsure of this or think they won’t need one (the audio quality will suffer if they don’t) so it’s always good to bring this up with them before the day so when we approach them they are aware of it. If a bridesmaid, Mother or female celebrant is participating in the ceremony we have a small clip-on mic that can attach to a dress, so no need to worry about not having pockets.


Our approach is to work with the photographer to capture you just being you. Maybe you’re super outdoorsy so we’d think about going on a wee woodland adventure or you guys love a really cinematic feel so we can go hunt out the quirky decor and dramatic lighting of your venue.

Whatever we decide to do allow time in the schedule, usually during the drinks reception. Use this time to be alone together, it’ll be relaxed and casual (no cheesy poses) take a breath and soak in what’s just happened!

Have a think if there’s any particular part of your relationship you’d like to really capture on the day and tell us! If not we have a natural ability to make our couple look awesome anyway.

On your wedding day the best light possible is going to be about an hour before the sunsets, a lot of the amazing wedding photos you’ve seen will probably have been from this time. So if the light gets killer we may try and get you out for a few minutes then too or alternatively in the pitch black of night with a light and smoke bomb, just for some unique fun if that’s your vibe!


The speeches are quite often a large part of your wedding film so here we like to offer some advice to create the best atmosphere for your guests while also capturing the best audio and visuals. A lot of venue PA systems are not the best so we don’t like to rely on them, therefore, again we like to give each speaker an audio recorder in their pocket to get the best audio for the film, this will not interfere with the venue’s system.

Tradition in the UK tends to be that speakers give their speech from their allocated seating positions however we feel this is very awkward as the bride and groom and other members of the top table need to crane their necks to see. This is not fun! An ideal place is a well light spot, with a clean backdrop in front of your guests with the bridal party alongside, usually off to one side of the top table to give everyone a good view of the person speaking.

If a venue is slightly dark we may add a small amount of lighting to the front where the speakers shall stand.


It’s party time! For the first dance, we usually add a small spotlight light next to the band/ DJ, we always speak to the band about this so don’t worry. If we’re talking stage lighting you’ll probably want to keep to as “normal” light if possible Yellow, Orange is best as Green, Blue, Purple and Pink are not the most faltering lights for skin tones. If you have a specially choreographed dance it’s good for us to know this in advance.


You’re probably inviting your guests because you want them to share the day with you, so one big piece of advice is asking them to down the phones and ipads during the ceremony so they are present in the moment. In your film you want to see their faces and not a row of iPhones, that’ll be outdated in a few years. There’ll be lots of opportunities during the rest of the day to get those iphonetastic shots!


Everyone is probably telling you the day will go in so quickly, take it from us, it will! So take a moment every now and then to look around and really take in the enormity of the moment. The best shots come when everyone is relaxed and lost in the celebrations. Forget that we are there, if we need you we’ll come and get you. We’ll make you all look and feel awesome.