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Laura : Marcus

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Laura : Marcus

Letter Reading, Glencoe Elopement Film || Laura : Marcus || Breath Mountain Air

Here are Marcus and Laura in the heart of Glen Coe, at the foot of the three sisters, saying their vows to each other in front of a small selection of friends. Not only their friends, however…..
Just out of frame are a group of respectful tourists who have gathered at the top of the hill to watch our couple promise themselves to each other. At the end of the ceremony, as the couple kiss and group cheer and yell their congratulations to the now-married couple!
It was lovely!

Later that evening as the light from the setting sun crept its way through the forest it found its resting place on the bodies of these two friends. It was at this time tears were shed and promises made, read aloud from handwritten letters each had crafted and gifted to the other.

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Why did you pick us?
We were googling elopement videographers in Scotland. When cinemate popped up, we really loved the style of film and editing. We both have an arts/media background so we were really keen on having a film with an aesthetic purpose that captured the landscape and atmosphere more than just a raw video of events.

How did you meet?
Laura was new to England and living in Surrey (from Canada), Marcus had just moved into London with his first job position after his masters. Neither of us knew anyone or had any friends. I guess we were both using dating apps as a way to find someone to spend time with. We only matched because Laura had taken a train into London alone to spend a day sightseeing. Marcus was at his job in central London. Otherwise, with the distance parameters, we never would have matched. We spoke about a month, and then met in Hyde Park on Christmas day. It was our first Christmas’ away from our families. We had Christmas dinner together at a pub, and have been together ever since. ((Laura’s mom doesn’t know we met on an app though, so we’re saying we just met randomly in London on Christmas day 😉 ))

The venue(s) or location, why this place above anywhere else?
We wanted somewhere outdoors, woodsy, natural, with beautiful landscapes. We didn’t want to choose a side of Canada or Sweden, and we wanted it to be as quick as possible. Scotland always kind of called to us, and we’ve only visited once but both felt at home there. We’re excited to see the highlands and make our wedding another adventure to add to our story.

The Team
Video : Cinemate Films
Location : The base of the Three Sisters
Getting Ready Location : Signal Rock Cottages

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