Perspective is a podcast for wedding creatives, hosted by UK based wedding filmmakers Simon & Gregg. Together, as Cinemate they sit down, often with a special guest and talk about their many years of experience in the wedding industry. Each episode is an open and honest conversation aimed to educate those new to the industry or to those in the front line running a wedding business.

Latest Episode

If you’re a regular listener of this podcast you’ll already be familiar with today’s guest but if not Neil ‘Shoney’ Maclean is an online marketing consultant, coach and speaker offering entrepreneurs confused by ‘Digital Marketing’ the fastest & easiest route to profitable ads, emails & socials so they can SCALE their businesses, who, back on episode 34 we invited to educate us in the ways of social media marketing.

But as we all know the world has changed since then, changed so much some of our MPs believe we need to be finding ourselves “better jobs”.

Well, fuck that! And although everyone is struggling with a lack of weddings during this covid crisis, Neils got a few suggestions to help us weave our way back to profitability and to see us thrive in the upcoming post covid world.

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