Perspective is a podcast for wedding creatives, hosted by UK based wedding filmmakers Simon & Gregg. Together, as Cinemate they sit down, often with a special guest and talk about their many years of experience in the wedding industry. Each episode is an open and honest conversation aimed to educate those new to the industry or to those in the front line running a wedding business.

Latest Episode

How is everyone out there? Shooting all day every day, edit queued up the wazzoo… sounds about right!

Well, Gregg is a few weeks into being a Father and so not back in the studio ( apologies if we’re not releasing too schedule. We too are running at half capacity… and its me steering the ship so its amazing we’re still afloat… I’m kidding dont worry…)

This is another special episode of Perspective in partnership with Way Up North, for their 10th edition of the conference which would have been hosted in Copenhagen on April 21st and 22nd 2020 which we were invited to host an episode of their podcast. We spoke to Remi of Maru Films who was one of the speakers of the event. Well, Covid really did a number on all Workshops and events in 2020 so this recording fell out of date. There are still some awesome times and great information to be had in this conversation which we’ll try to plan a follow episode on … however without further ado… Maru Films.

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