Perspective is a podcast for wedding creatives, hosted by UK based wedding filmmakers Simon & Gregg. Together, as Cinemate they sit down, often with a special guest and talk about their many years of experience in the wedding industry. Each episode is an open and honest conversation aimed to educate those new to the industry or to those in the front line running a wedding business.

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Show Notes

You’re listening to Perspective || a podcast for wedding creatives, where we sit down, often with a special guest and talk about our many years of experience in the wedding industry in order for you to learn from us and to help grow your wedding business.

On the other side of the Atlantic, joining us today is photographer, Filmmaker and Youtuber Eric Floberg.

There’s a clear love for education as he holds one on one mentoring sessions and attends full-day workshops, then over on his youtube channel which at this point has garnered over 33K subscribers, Eric has released a whole array of videos for wedding photographers and filmmakers.

We’re talking community over competition on today’s episode which was a title of one of Erics recent youtube videos however we want to focus little more of what that means as a creative and this mindset and the action that follow can help bolster and grow your business!

Links Mentioned:

In the Cinemate office we’re drinking Hustle Coffee a gift from our friend Lee Phillips and over in Chicago Eric’s drink for today is Verve Coffee Roasters – El Tesoro Tabi
– Eric’s Yosemite Wedding Film
– Our Isle of Skye Sneak Peek from this week
– Andrew Rae
– Benj Haisch
– Venture Workshop
– Community OVER Competition Vlog
– Creative Club Chicago
– Eric’s Personal Instagram account
– Vivian Maier
– Bruce Gilden
– Raymond Depardon – Glasgow Book
– Mango Street – Youtube
– Wrkshop
– For Loves Sake
– Jonas Peterson
– Emily Rose Flower Crowns

– Eric’s Photo Class

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