When Mountains Move

Victoria : Christopher

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Victoria : Christopher

Why Do You Want to Capture Your Wedding on Video?:
I’d love to be able to look back in years to come, hear the words we said to one another, and the promises we made, see each other’s reactions to vows (I’m NOT a crier but I’ve realised upon writing vows that ill probably cry loads and I’m sorry cause I have an ugly cry face haha!

The venue(s), why this place above anywhere else: We love the film Skyfall, so Glen Etive was perfect. We saw pictures of weddings in the highlands and fell in love with the idea of having our wedding so different to the weddings Chris shoots. To us being in the mountains shows that there is so much more to the world than us and our insignificant lives, but to each other we mean the world and more.

Humanist – Claire the Humanist
Photographer – Neil Thomas Douglas