When it comes to planning a honeymoon a few of our couples have wanted to treat themselves to a new camera to document the holiday of a lifetime. As wedding filmmakers we are quite often the first port of call for the “What camera should we buy for our honeymoon?” question. So we wanted to put the information down in blog form to help more of you. This obviously isn’t a definitive list and some of the cameras we don’t have hands-on experience with but here are our top picks.

First off you need to think of what your budget is, how experienced you are and what your plans are. I’ll break it down into three categories, and offer a couple of options in each.

"the best camera is the one you have on you"


We are big proponents of the best camera is the one you have on you, so realistically you have your phone on you most of the time and it is more than capable of creating great pictures. So if you are looking for something simple and will just be sharing to your social media save the money and use your phone.

Personally, we feel your phone will be better than most sub £450 point and shoot cameras.

The next best option in our opinion would be a Sony RX100, you can pick up a mark iii version for under £500 however if you would like the option of shooting some video the mark iv at £650 is the best option for the money. I (Gregg) actually used this to make a little highlights film for my cousins’ destination wedding in France.


Stepping up to interchangeable lens cameras like DSLR or mirrorless is more of an investment but if photography is something you are interested in its definitely worth it. We’ve always shot Canon so are maybe slightly biased but our suggestion for the first step into this realm would be the Canon 80D with the kit lens (18-55mm) that would be perfectly adequate for most honeymoon situations. Except for a safari but that’s a whole different beast!

Another option is Sony again, they are raising the bar with specs on their mirrorless cameras every year however at about £800 the a6300 with the 16-50mm lens is a great camera which is still nice and compact.


If you’re really looking to treat yourself we would suggest the Canon 6D with the 24-105mm a powerhouse camera that will last you for years and you can upgrade your lenses whenever you’re ready to. Or again Sony has a new camera that we’ve not used but is getting great reviews called the a7iii at £2000 again its more of an investment.

If photography is something that you are fairly new to see how far you can get with your phone before investing in something more advanced. Also when you think you know what you are going to go for, try and find someone with that camera to get your hands on it and see how it feels. Hopefully, these suggestions have given you some ideas to look at further. Feel free to send over any questions.

– Gregg Houston
Obviously, these are just some suggestions and the prices a subject to change